Board of trustees
Mykhnevych Pavel
Mykhnevych Pavel

• Master of Theology – Evangelical Theological
Seminary (ETS), Kyiv.
• Master of Religious Studies – student of the Retraining
Institute at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov
University Graduate of NPDU, Department of Cultural
Work Experience:
• Missionary – 13 years.
• Pastor of the church – 4 years.
• Conductor of the church choir – 4 years.
• Music teacher – 8 years.
• Head of the Education Department of the Poltava
Church Association of UCCEF – 13 years.
• Rector of Poltava Theological Seminary – 13 years.

Skrypnichenko Igor
Skrypnichenko Igor

Igor Skrypnichenko was born on August 21, 1993, in Poltava. He studied in his native city and grew up in a Christian family. In 2008, Igor sensed the call to the preaching ministry and got baptized.
Since 2014 Igor has been working as a vice-president in the academic sphere and a professor at the Poltava Theological Seminary. He took part in founding departments of the Modern Pastorship and Church Planting, Youth Pastoral Ministry, and Christian Counseling.
Since 2013, he has been mentoring students of the Modern Pastoral Ministry and Church Planting, helping them to develop the Protestant theology, plant new churches, and edify existing ones. Since 2013, Igor has constantly been teaching in Seminary’s Bible schools the local congregations in Kropyvnytskyi, Poltava, Kharkiv, Balakliya, Piryatyn, Orzhitsa, Chernivtsi, Odessa, and Mykolaiv. Thus, he performs the ministry, following the example of one of the respected Protestant theologians, Kevin Vanhuser, who said that to serve means “to return the mind of Jesus Christ to the Body of Jesus Christ.”
In 2014, Igor founded a theological research center at the Poltava Theological Seminary. While teaching hermeneutics and Christian worldview formation courses, Igor Skripnichenko began writing his book on hermeneutics, called “Revival of Discipleship.” He also started preparing lectures on Christian influence fostering revival.
Igor Skrypnichenko is married to Tatiana. They are raising their daughter Solomiya together.
His catchphrase is: “God gave a sword and a trowel into the hands of a servant of Jesus Christ. A sword to destroy everything that does not align with His plan. A trowel for building His Kingdom on earth as in heaven, until the glorious coming of Jesus Christ.”
Igor began his theological education in 2008 at the Bible school at the Poltava Theological Seminary while still being a high school student. Having graduated from high school, he entered the Poltava Theological Seminary and received a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education. In 2016 he got enrolled the integrated program for writing a doctoral dissertation in theology on the topic “Theological hermeneutics of Kevin Vanhuser.” At the same time, he pursued a master’s degree in political theology at Drahomanov National Pedagogical University.
At the moment, Igor continues the biblical studies at the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine.

Matt Frazer
Matt Frazer

Matt Frazer – Canadian, who had experiences of ministry in different contexts and cultures. After pursuing the Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Master’s Dergee in Religion, he became a pastor in Canada, a mentor in Zambia. Currently, he is serving in Ukraine, teaching the Bible and developing Gospel-centered churches. He is an author of “Jesus and redemption narrative in the Scripture”. He also speaks at numerous seminars in Canada and Ukraine that help Christians to read the Bible focusing on Christ. He desires to see salvation and transformation made by the power of the Gospel through discipleship. The question he always asks is: “If the Gospel is really true, what will glorify God the most in this situation?”.

Gerard D. de Vuyst
Gerard D. de Vuyst

Rev. Gerard D. (George) de Vuyst
graduated from the Philosophy Department of Calvin College, Grand
Rapids, Michigan, USA ( in 1993.
Received a Master of Divinity degree (magister divinitatis; MDiv) from
the Calvin Theological Seminary in 1998 (
Certified Master Trainer at the Timothy Discipleship Institute since 2012.
Certified Trainer of Trainers at the International School of Reconciliation
since 2015.
Since his first visit of the Soviet Union in 1988, Rev. de Vuyst was deeply
interested in the Soviet Union and the countries of eastern Europe. He
came to Ukraine for the first time on January 1, 1992, to study at the
Shevchenko University on a special department of the Russian language
and Ukrainian history and culture for foreigners. Spent a whole year in
Ukraine, he collaborated with the SEND International mission and with
the ECB Union. From June to August of 1994 de Vuyst served as a
volunteer in the Transcarpathian region, in Hungary and in Romania
serving in the summer camps of the Hungarian Reformed Church. In
August 1995, he returned in Transcarpathia for a year to fulfill the
requirement of practical ministry for receiving the master’s degree. He
served next to Rev. Lazlo Gorkai, pastor of the Transcarpathian
Reformed Church in the village of Velikyi Dobron. Rev. de Vuyst was
engaged in ministry among youth and the Roma people there. Since
1998 de Vuyst serves with the mission of his denomination, Resonate
Global Mission (formerly Christian Reformed World Missions), in
Ukraine. From 1998 to 2013, he lived in Mukachevo and trained
missionaries for the Carpathian Reformed Church, he founded the
Christian Reformed Church in Mukachevo, and began to develop the
ministry of Timothy Discipleship Institute in Ukraine. In 2013 Rev. de
Vuyst moved to Kiev to continue developing the Timothy’s program in
Ukraine and to begin new trainings in pedagogy, as well as the healing
and reconciliation ministry “Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations”.
Rev. De Vuyst is married and has three children.

Vyacheslav Arkhipchuk
Vyacheslav Arkhipchuk

– a deacon of the Life Church, USA, Tacoma – since 2007
– fervent service at Life Church, USA, Tacoma – since 2015
– a director of the Life Bible School, USA, Tacoma – since 2003
– a teacher at different Christian institutions of Washington state, USA
– license about the ministry from “Assemblies of God”, Missouri, USA, 2008
– Bachelor’s degree in ministry, Lviv Theological Seminary, 2010
– Master of Practical Theology, Lviv Theological Seminary, 2013

Daniel Kalinovskiy
Daniel Kalinovskiy

I was born in Ivacevichi, Brest region, Belarus. I moved to Crimea in 1985 where I started preaching. I worked with the youth on the territory of Crimea. In 1989 I was drafted into the army. Then, in 1990 because of the collapse of the USSR many opportunities to preach the Gospel have been opened. I became a member of the missionary group “The Good News”. In 1992 I immigrated to Sacramento, CA, USA.
The youth leader at Light of the Gospel Church since 1993. In 1994 I married Ludmila Demchuck/Kalinovkaya. In 1999 my family and I moved to Toronto, Canada for the missionary work. I also served in Power of Christ Church, pastor Valeriy Narivonchick. In 2001 I became a pastor in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. In 2007 I started the new church “New Life Church” in the city of North York, Toronto.
Pastor of the second church in the city of Oshawa, Canada since 2018.
My wife and I have three kids.

Peter Pasechnik
Peter Pasechnik

Peter was born in Gashpor, Moldova in 1956. In the period from 1976 to 1993, he was serving as a youth leader. In 1993 God sent him on the pastoral and missionary ministry in the city of Edinet, Moldova. There was no church. There were several Christian families gathering at their houses. During the time his ministry there, God called may people to repentance and helped them to build the church. Every Sunday afternoon, people from the church went to the nearest villages to preach the Gospel. After that, the new churches have been opened in 8 villages located near the city of Edinet. After the brothers had been ordained at those churches, Peter and his family immigrated to Sacramento, CA, USA. In 2003 he started the Church “Zion” in Sacramento. Peter ministers there as a Senior Pastor.
In 2010 Peter became a Doctor of Divinity. Peter Pasechnik is a director of the Education Department at the National Slavic District of Assemblies of God, USA.
There is a Slavic International Pastoral Associations (SIPA), the association of the Baptist and Pentecostal churches in Sacramento. Peter Pasechnik is the president of SIPA.
Married. His wife Galina and Peter have four kids: 2 daughters and 2 sons. All of their children are married and actively serve God. The oldest son Yuriy is the pastor. They also have 9 grandchildren. All of them are involved in the ministry.

Mykhailo Roman
Mykhailo Roman

Mykhailo was born in Rivnenska Oblast’ in 1977. He pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology at Kyiv Bible Institute. In 2007 he graduated from Vision International University.
Mykhailo pursued Doctoral Degree in Theology after he completed a doctoral program at the Theological Seminary in Chernivtsi, Unistersity of the Washington state, USA.
Pastor of the New Life Church, Poltava, Ukraine.
The senior pastor of the New Life Church and bishop of the Ukrainian Churches of the Christian of the Evangelical faith in the Poltava region since 2018.
Married, has 8 children.

Bobyk Volodymyr
Bobyk Volodymyr

Bobyk Volodymyr
Volodymyr was born in Lviv in the clergy family. Graduated from the Middle Public School №22. In 1992 he was directed to the city of Myrhorod by the Lviv Theological Seminary and Evangelical Voice Mission as a missionary to plant the church there.
In 2000 he was ordained to be the evangelist.
In 2006 Volodymyr gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry at Kyiv Bible Insitute.
In 2015 he gained a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry.
Currently he ministers as a pastor in the city of Pyriatyn.

Oleg Tsymbalyuk
Oleg Tsymbalyuk

1988 – 1992 – leader of the youth ministry at Cornerstone Church (Kyiv, Ukraine) and sharing the Gospel at educational institutions in Kyiv.
1993 to 1999 – founder and senior pastor at Kyiv Evangelical Church ‘Alpha and Omega’, the President of the International Association of the Christians of Evangelical Faith ‘Alpha and Omega’ (Kyiv).
Currently, Oleg Tsymbalyuk serves as a senior pastor of the Evangelical Church ‘Alpha and Omega’ in Chicago (USA).
Oleg Tsymbaluyk is married and has four wonderful children and grandchildren.
Oleg Tsymbaluyk was ordained for pastoral ministry by the bishops Parfen Vashchilo and Peter Pavlyshyn by approval of Viktor Belykh and Nikolay Levchenko, the senior bishops of the United Church of the Christians of Evangelical Faith (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Author of books, research publications, and study guides for the preachers and pastors.
Education: BA: Information Science and Personal Management, DeVry University. Master of Divinity and Biblical Studies, Wheaton College Graduate School. Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Ukraine.

Mark Allen Steinfield
Mark Allen Steinfield

Calle Antillas 11, Illescas, Spain. 45200
Home: +34 925 519 268 / Cell: +34 608 184 367

• Veteran global worker with 24 years of experience teaching in international Bible School contexts.
• Passionate about teaching theology, Bible and practical courses to see students equipped and released to ministry.
• Experienced in evaluating, launching and directing new Bible School projects.
• Creative and well-organized in curriculum development and classroom teaching.

Graduate Studies Certificate in Education. Global University, Springfield, MO. United States. 2014.

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies: New Testament. Global University, Springfield, MO. United States. 2012.
Thesis: The Plausibility of “the Revelation of Jesus Christ” as An Objective Genitive Phrase

Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Studies. Eastern Pentecostal Bible College. 1998

• Graduated with 4.00 GPA from Global University. 2012
• Graduated with Highest Honours (3.92 GPA) from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College. 1998

• Served as a Global Worker with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada since 1998.
• Provided itinerate Bible School teaching in Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. 1998 to 2001
• Directed Ararat School of the Bible in Vanadzor, Armenia. 2001-2008
• Assisted the Pentecostal Union of Armenia with a Bible School project and co-pastored Yerevan International Church. 2008-2013
• Partnered with the Salem church in Spain directing a Bible School program. 2014-2020
• Facilitated leadership as Assistant Regional Director for the Eurasia Region. 2021-2022

Seminaries, Bible Colleges and Bible Schools
Poltava, Ukraine: Poltava Bible College
Pneumatology (2018), Missio Dei (2021)

Salem Bible School
Old Testament Survey (2018, 2021), New Testament Survey (2018, 2021), Inductive Bible Study (2019, 2022)Lifestyle Stewardship (2018-2020, 2021-2022), Theology 1 (2018), Theology 2 (2019, Theology 3 (2019), Serving in the Church (201l9, and Profiles of a Leader (2020),

Timisoara, Romania: Elim Biblical Seminary
Theology 1 (2017)

Lviv, Ukraine: L’viv Theological Seminary
Missio Dei (2015), Christology (2018)

Moscow, Russia: The Assemblies of God Bible School (The Way, the Truth, and the Life)
Old Testament Historical Books (2014, 2017, 2019, New Testament Survey (2014)

Yerevan, Armenia: Yerevan Bible College
Introduction to Theology: Christology and Soteriology (2008), Lifestyle Stewardship (2008, 2009, 2011), New Testament Survey (2009, 2012), Spiritual Disciplines (2009), Old Testament Historical Books (2011), Pneumatology (2011), Soteriology (2012)

Yerevan, Armenia: Faithful Men Program
God and His Revelation (2008), New Testament Backgrounds (2010)

Vanadzor, Armenia: Ararat School of the Bible
Christology (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008), Homiletics (2001, 2006), Inductive Bible Study (2002,2003, 2004, 2005, 2007), Old Testament Historical Books (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007), Eschatology (2002), Cults (2002), Lifestyle Stewardship (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007), Man and Sin (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007), Pneumatology (2003, 2004, 2005), Apocalyptic Literature (2006, 2008), General Epistles (2007)

Novokuznetsk, Russia: Siberia Bible College
Homiletics (2000), New Testament Survey (2000), Christology (2000, 2016, 2019), Acts (2000), Old Testament Historical Books (2000, 2012), Pneumatology (2000)

Ternopil, Ukraine: Ternopil Bible School
Apocalyptic Literature (1999), General Epistles (2000)

Bishkek, Kyrgystan: Saran Bible College
Old Testament Historical Books (1999), Christology (1999), Eschatology (1999)

Tokmok, Kyrgystan: Tokmok Bible School
General Epistles (1999, 2z), Romans (1999, 2x), Pneumatology (1999)

Korosten, Ukraine: Seminary of Practical Theology
Apocalyptic Literature (1998, 2002), Christology (1998, 2000, 2018), Pastoral Epistles (1998, General Epistles (1998, 2000), Old Testament Historical Books (1999), Eschatology (1999, 2001), Romans (1999), Pneumatology (1999), New Testament Survey (1999), Acts (1999), Missio Dei (2016)

Training Programs
Yerevan, Armenia: Global University Teacher Training
Teacher Training (2014)

Segue: Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Missions Training
Taught Missio Dei (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Nitra, Slovakia: Gate Way Bible College
Teacher Training: Syllabus preparation (2013)

Armenia: Youth With A Mission
Missio Dei (2010, 2011, 2012), Leadership (2011), Homiletics (2012), The Person of God (2014)

Light for the Nations Cross Cultural Training School
Missio Dei in Indonesia (2009, 2010), Moldova (2009), Restricted Access Nation (2013)

Yerevan International Church
Homiletics (2009, 2010, 2014)

Bucharest International Church
Homiletics (2007), Inductive Bible Study (2008), Jesus Revealed in Revelation (2013)

Vanadzor, Armenia: Church Planting Program
Taught Strategic Planning (2002), Teamwork (2002), Stewardship (2003), Conflict Resolution (2004),

Novokuznetsk, Russia – Church and Leadership Team
Old Testament Survey (2016), Course Design (2016), Christ-Centred Expository Preaching (2019)

Poland: Church Planting School
Christology (2000)

• Joined the board of Poltava Bible College (Poltava, Ukraine). 2019-present
• Directed Salem Bible School, (Madrid, Spain) 2018-present
• Served as the Eurasia Region’s Education Coordinator. 2012-present
o Involves recruiting teachers, assessing programs, partnering with national Bible School programs, starting new initiatives, teaching in various programs.
• Directed Yerevan Bible College. 2008-2013
• Directed Ararat School of the Bible (Vanadzor, Armenia). 2001-2007
• Directed Siberia Bible College (Novokuznetsk, Russia). 2000