Poltava Theological Seminary


    Bachelor’s degree

    Pastoral ministry requires God’s calling and quality education. The undergraduate academic program of this faculty is designed to help each student to receive necessary knowledge and practical help in the church ministry. Personal communication with teachers who are active workers in the body of Christ, their experience and expertise will become an impulse to a more profound knowledge of God and dedicated ministry.

    Master’s degree

    The Master’s program is designed for graduates that have a Bachelor of Divinity or Bachelor of Christian Education degree. Ministers who have more than three years of practical service experience and higher secular education or pastoral ministry for more than five years are also eligible for the program.
    This program requires a deeper mastering of theoretical material on the chosen specialization and prepares students for independent researches, which will allow graduates to serve as teachers in biblical colleges, seminaries, and other Christian educational institutions.


    We are convinced that every young man has a mission that God put in their souls. The purpose of this faculty is to train young people who will be able to exercise biblical influence on the modern generation, warning it against self-destruction. Also, we want to help local churches become a place where young people can fulfill their vocation by qualitatively training youth ministers.


    In order to train and prepare for the ministry of spiritual counseling of brothers and sisters who feel God’s call for this work, the program of the department provides theoretical and practical knowledge and skills which are necessary for the right counseling based on the Word of God. After completing the training, graduates will have a biblical view of the problems of all ages and social statuses, will be able to help people in sin in restoring their personality and ministry.


    The goal of the faculty is to train and prepare spiritually mature, comprehensively developed, active leaders, qualified teachers and organizers of Sunday schools for children.
    Also, students of this faculty will receive special education and skills that are necessary for teaching Christian ethics and other academic subjects related to spiritual life in secular educational institutions.
    An important direction of this faculty is the training of church ministers in the field of education, teachers of Bible schools in particular.


    The task of the faculty is to prepare the leader of the musical ministry, who possesses the necessary knowledge and skills for the organization and development of this ministry in the church.
    In addition to basic musical, humanitarian and theological knowledge, the faculty program includes the study of modern computer programs, as well as the fundamentals of the sound engineer’s work, which expands the possibilities of musical ministry.


    Certificate program “Internal apologetics”.
    The program is designed for a year and five months. The program’s goal is to prepare a Christian for the daily ministry of the discipleship.

    Bachelor’s program “Contextual Apologetics”.
    The program is designed for four years, ending with the writing of a thesis project. The goal of the program is to prepare professional apologists who will be able to protect the Church from all sorts of false doctrines, secular worldviews, liberal and philosophical theology. A unique feature of the program is the teaching of written apologetic creativity.


    The program is not a language training program. The primary goal is to help Christians who already know the English language, improve their skills and acquire new skills in oral and written Christian translation for serving Christ and His Church. The PBS is called to train the future servants of the Church; therefore, theological curricula are also included in the curriculum of Christian translators, in addition to the basic, translation disciplines. The study term is one year.


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